Car Insurance Extras | Are They Worthwhile? 

Posted on: 23 December 2022 at 4:17 pm

When applying for a new policy, it’s easy to feel bombarded by the number of car insurance extras available. While some might seem excessive, multiple optional add-ons are certainly worth the extra cost. 

In this blog, we offer a complete, straightforward guide to optional car insurance extras, including the choices available to you, and in what circumstances they may prove worthwhile. 

Car Insurance Optional Extras | The Options Available? 

In the UK, car insurance policy providers offer multiple optional add-ons to drivers.  

The most common types include:

Breakdown Cover

One of the most popular car insurance extras often added to new policies is breakdown cover. Able to provide you with much-needed assistance should your car unexpectedly break down, it is easy to see why it’s such a worthwhile choice for many drivers. 

Types of breakdown cover available include:

  • Roadside assistance

The most common type of breakdown cover offered to policyholders, roadside assistance ensures you receive help from trained specialists should your vehicle break down in the middle of a journey. 

  • At-home recovery

Also referred to as a ‘home start’, at-home recovery entails receiving assistance should your vehicle break down at your registered address. 

If you primarily travel short distances, at-home recovery could be the ideal choice for you. If the mechanic is unable to fix the problem, they will tow your car to the nearest garage. 

  • Onward journey

If you’re a frequent long-distance driver with a busy schedule, onward journey breakdown cover will likely benefit you. Choosing this type of cover will mean that, even if mechanics can’t fix your car on the side of the road, your journey won’t have to end.

Onward journey cover can provide you with a courtesy car, overnight accommodation and reimbursement of travel expenses, depending on your chosen policy.  

  • National recovery 

If being able to have your broken-down car towed to any location in the UK is important to you, national recovery is the most suitable choice. 

Whether you’re frequently travelling long distances, or want your car to be taken to a specialist garage, national recovery breakdown cover can provide the necessary peace of mind. 

  • European breakdown cover

Looking to use your vehicle on a trip around Europe?  

Similarly to roadside assistance, European recovery enables you to receive help on the side of the road should your car break down whilst you’re abroad. 

Motor Legal Protection

Another popular car insurance extra, motor legal protection covers any legal action you may need to take, should you find yourself involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault.  

Your car insurance policy will likely cover claims for damage to your vehicle. However, you may be forced to take legal action if you find yourself faced with additional costs regarding things like:

  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of earnings
  • Out-of-pocket expenses

The amount of cover provided to you will vary depending on your insurer. However, in most cases, it will cover the costs of up to £100,000. 

By choosing to add motor legal protection to your car insurance policy, you won’t need to worry about incurring sufficient debts should you find yourself involved in a road incident.

At Got2Insure, we understand just how important motor legal protection is in safeguarding our clients. Therefore, we’re pleased to offer first-rate legal expenses cover to both new and existing customers. If you want to find out more about any of the optional car insurance extras we offer, please get in touch. Call us on 0344 854 0689 and speak to one of our helpful advisors today. 

Personal Accident Cover

If you’re seriously injured or lose your life in a car accident, personal accident cover can support you or your loved ones during this turbulent time.

Usually paying out a fixed amount of money for specific injuries, personal accident insurance claims can be made for the following reasons: 

  • Death
  • Loss of sight
  • Loss of hearing
  • Loss of any limb above the wrist or ankle
  • Loss of use of any limb above the wrist or ankle

As with any car insurance policy, exclusions do apply, so it’s important to read through your chosen policy carefully. For example, in most cases, not everybody travelling in the car will be covered. In addition, only certain people will be eligible to receive a payment. This is usually a partner, parent or offspring. 

Courtesy Car Cover

Being without your car for any length of time is bound to cause major inconvenience. Adding a courtesy car to your insurance policy will ensure that you can remain on the road, even if your car is in the garage. 

At Got2Insure, we understand that no two people’s circumstances are the same. That’s why we’re pleased to offer our customers a range of optional car insurance extras. 

If you would like to find out more about our comprehensive care insurance policies, or wish to discuss your personal requirements in further detail, please get in touch. 

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