Frequently Asked Questions

Car Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at our car insurance FAQs. We've tried to answer as many of your questions as possible, however if there is something you still need help with don't hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team today.

Your username and password will give you access to your My Got2Insure Account, which is your secure area of our site. Please keep your security details safe. You can access My Got2Insure Account at any time to review your information. 

To reset your password, please visit our visit our website You will need to know your email address. Click on the forgotten password button, a password reset link will be sent to your associated email address.

You can manage your account from your online portal where you are able to download Policy documents such as Policy Wordings, Motor Certificate of Insurance and Policy Schedule.

We are a web-based company, so all communications are online. We don’t send anything by post, including policy documents.

Instead, you can view your policy details online through your Got2Insure customer account.

Don’t worry if you’ve never logged in before, just enter your email address and we will send you a link to set a password.

Cover for driving other cars is not available for everyone; for example, we can’t provide this cover extension for drivers aged under 25 or for certain occupation.

  • You must check Section 5 of your Motor Certificate of Insurance.
  • If we can cover you to drive other cars it will include this sentence: “The policyholder only may also drive a car not owned by them or hired to them under a hire purchase agreement and which is not used in connection with the motor trade.”
  • Before driving someone else’s car, you must have the owner’s permission and their car must have valid insurance already. You can only use the car in the UK for the purposes stated on your certificate.
  • The extension to drive other cars only applies to the policyholder and NOT named drivers.
  • It only provides cover for third party damage or injury, and NOT fire, theft or accidental damage.
  • Only cars are covered by this extension – you are NOT insured to drive vans, buses and minibuses, other commercial vehicles, quad bikes or motorcycles of any description.

You no longer require a physical green card to drive in Europe.

If your trip lasts longer than 60 days, the cover provided will revert to the minimum required in the specific country.

All our insurance policies automatically provide the minimum cover required by law in all European Union (EU) countries. This covers your liability to third parties only – the minimum coverage does not insure your car in case of any damage. Most people want the full level of cover that they enjoy in the UK. Got2Insure car insurance provides full comprehensive cover for up to 60 days during the policy year in the EU If your trip lasts longer than 60 days, the cover provided will revert to the minimum required in the specific country.

Countries covered under the Green Card Agreement

Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France (including Monaco), Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Republic of Ireland, Italy (including San Marino and the Vatican), Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland.

Regrettably, we can’t change the start date of a policy once it’s already been set up.

The only option would be to cancel your policy with us and get a new quote with the correct start date.

Read more about cancelling a policy here.

Please note: The start date can have a big impact on the price of your insurance. The price of your new policy may be different to the price of your current policy.

We can only insure one car per policy and unfortunately cannot cover your second vehicle on the same policy. However, we can happily insure you on a separate policy.

To get a new quote for your second car please go to

Please call us on 0344 854 0689 to tell us immediately of any changes. Examples include:

  • If you sell your car;
  • If you change your address;
  • If you or any driver named on your policy change occupation;
  • If you or any driver named on your policy stop being resident in the UK;
  • If you or any driver named on your policy, have been disqualified from driving, your entitlement to drive has been suspended or withdrawn (revoked) or your driving licence status has changed, for example if you or a named driver pass your driving test and your licence changes from a provisional licence to a full licence or from an international licence to the UK licence.
  • If the registered keeper of your car has changed.
  • If you change your e-mail address.

To add a driver to your policy please call our customer services department on 0344 854 0689.

Adding a driver may impact your premium with the cost depending on the driver’s details. To save time make sure you get as much information as possible about the additional driver before you call. You will need:

  • the drivers name
  • date of birth
  • date they became resident in the UK
  • occupation
  • licence type
  • details of any accidents/claims, convictions and medical conditions

If you receive a driving conviction, it’s important that you let us know so that we can update your policy. Please call us on 0344 854 0689.

Any incorrect information could result in an additional premium, affect the amount you are able to claim or may even mean you are unable to make a claim. If the information differs significantly, it could even result in your policy being cancelled or declared void.

Any incorrect information could result in an additional premium, affect the amount you are able to claim or may even mean you are unable to make a claim, or may even result in your policy being cancelled or declared void.

We reserve the right to charge an administration fee of £30 for any change or correction to your policy.

We may cancel your policy:

  • In the event of misrepresentation by you
  • If we are unable to continue cover due to changes to your policy
  • In the event of fraudulent claims
  • If you are unable to provide the appropriate proof of NCD
  • If you do not pay your premium
  • If you use threatening or abusive behaviour or language towards our staff or suppliers.
  • If you do not cooperate with requests for further information
  • If you do not cooperate with any matter regarding a claim reported on this policy

Cancelling your policy means you will not be covered from the date and time of cancellation.

To cancel your policy, please call us on 0344 854 0689.

We can only deal with you in respect of cancellation – we are unable to cancel the policy on the authority of anyone else even if you have given authority for them to act for you.

You can claim your refund – unless you’ve made a claim. Refunds are available following your car insurance being cancelled – but the amount can vary depending on when you cancel, how you’ve paid and whether there’s a claim on your policy.

Cancellations following a claim

If there’s been a claim or accident on your policy before you cancel, you’ll need to pay the full premium for the year – there are no refunds at any time for cancellation after a claim.

Cancellations within 14 days

If you change your mind shortly after buying, you have two options to cancel your car insurance within 14 days of the start date:

You This is your statutory right to cancel. We’ll return your payment in full, except for any non-refundable card fees and an administration fee (please refer to your policy wording). In effect, this means that your car was not covered by us.

Alternatively, we can cover you for up to 14 days. If you cancel during this time, we’ll return your payment for cover after the cancellation date, except for any non-refundable card fees and an administration fee (please refer to your policy wording). It’s what’s known as a pro-rata refund, and takes into account the time you’ve been covered by us.

Cancellations after 14 days

You can cancel your car insurance after 14 days from the start date, but you will need to pay a cancellation charge (please refer to your policy wording) on top of the time you’ve been covered by us. We’ll return payment for cover after the cancellation date (a pro-rata refund), minus the cancellation charge.

We’ll pay any refund back to the card or bank account you used when you took out your insurance, within 14 days of cancellation.

When your car insurance is cancelled, you’ll need to declare that you’ll destroy all copies of the Certificate of Motor Insurance relating to your policy (whether held in paper, electronic, digital or any other format) within seven days, in accordance with the Road Traffic Act 1988.

Please note: From 2011, continuous car insurance is a legal requirement.

You will have to pay a cancellation fee, the amount due will depend on when you bought your policy.

If you’re within 14 days of your policy start date, there will be a £30 cancellation fee as standard on all Got2Insure policy terms.

If you cancel after 14 days of your policy starting, there will be a £75 cancellation fee as standard on all Got2Insure policy terms.

Got2Insure do not cover vehicles for release from police compounds. Should you take out a policy with a view to releasing a vehicle, the policy will be cancelled, and no refund issued as stipulated in the terms and conditions available at the bottom of this page in the policy documents.

If you or your car are involved in any type of incident, accident, claim or loss regardless of fault you must;

  • Tell us as soon as is reasonably possible following any loss, damage or accident which might give rise to a claim under the policy. If your car has been stolen you must advise the police and cooperate fully with their investigations;
  • Give us full control of the claim including the uplift storage and repair of your car. We may take over, defend or settle the claim, or take up any claim in your name; you must not negotiate regarding any claim, settle any claim without our written permission or admit liability for any claim unless we ask you to do so;
  • Co-operate with us fully.

Please Note: Do not accept liability at the incident scene.

For expert help with a car insurance claim, please call as soon as you can.

For all claims call us on:

First Notification Of Loss and Existing Claims: 0344 371 2385

First Notification Of Loss New Claims:


If you’re contacted by anyone else regarding your claim, simply pass them on to our claims team. We’re here to look after your motor insurance needs, with the minimum of fuss.

Lines open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

If your car can be repaired by one of our approved repairers, they will supply you with a courtesy car while your car is off the road. All repairs carried out by our approved repairers are guaranteed for 3 years.

If you are involved in an accident involving a third party and it is your fault, we will reduce your excess by £50 if you call our claims team within 1 hour of the incident to notify us of the claim and provide us with contact details of the third party.

Your claim may be settled as fault, even if the accident wasn’t your fault. We are not blaming you for the accident, don’t worry! A fault claim is just any claim where we have to pay out and we cannot make a recovery of our outlay. Windscreen claims are the exception and are not fault claims.

For example, if the third party believes you were at fault, they will make a claim against your insurance. Similarly, if you are involved in an accident, you are able to claim against the third party’s insurance if you think it was their fault.

If there is no third party involved, or they cannot be contacted, you will also claim against your insurance policy, meaning the claim will be treated as fault.

A claim will only be settled as non-fault in these two situations:

  • We have not had to make any payments towards this claim, or
  • Any payments we made have since been recovered from a third party.

Please note: all claims that are pending and currently being investigated will be treated as fault claims until they have been fully settled.

You need to report an incident to the police in the event of the following:

  • Your car is stolen
  • Your car has been broken into
  • Your car has been maliciously damaged
  • Someone has been injured as a result of an incident
  • You feel that something illegal has happened

If your claim is due to theft, attempted theft, malicious damage or vandalism, you must notify the police and also obtain a crime report number.

If your car is repaired by one of our approved repairers, you will be supplied with a courtesy car while your car is being repaired. You can only use the Courtesy Car in the UK and you will be responsible for the running costs. If your car is identified as a total loss or you use a non-approved repairer, you will not be entitled to a courtesy car.

With Got2Insure car insurance, we’ll give you a courtesy car following a valid claim.

You can use a courtesy car while your car is being repaired by our approved network. Please check your policy schedule and policy wording in your Got2Insure Account for more information. Courtesy cars are provided subject to availability. Terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations apply. Please read the policy wording in your Got2Insure Account for full details.

Please note: Courtesy cars may only be used in the UK

Courtesy cars are provided by our approved repairers so if you choose to use your own garage, we will not provide you with one.

You will be eligible to receive a courtesy car once the car has been taken into one of our approved garages and the work has been authorised by an engineer. Unfortunately, there are currently nationwide supply chain issues that have impacted garages all over the country. This may, in certain cases, lead to a delay in receiving your courtesy car.

No, you won’t need any extra car insurance. You’ll be fully covered under the same terms as your current Got2Insure policy. There is no additional charge for this.

Unless you have purchased the Courtesy Car upgrade, under Section J of this policy, the car provided will typically be a 1 litre 3 door petrol manual transmission car and cover will automatically be provided under your certificate of motor insurance while the car is on loan to you.

We can’t provide a courtesy car if:

  • Your car has been stolen.
  • Your car is beyond economic repair (i.e. the cost to repair the car means it would make more sense to replace it.)
  • Your car is being repaired by a garage that’s not on our approved repairer list.
  • You are making a windscreen or glass claim

If your car needs to be repaired, Got2Insure uses a network of approved repairers that are authorised to repair your car.

By using these experts to fix your car:

  • We can guarantee the quality of your repair.
  • We can keep you on the road – You will be provided with a courtesy car for the duration of the repair subject to availability.
  • We keep your costs down – The only thing you’ll have to pay for is your excess.

If your car can’t be repaired or the cost of repair is more than its value, then it will be deemed a Total Loss.

When this happens, you will be compensated based on the value of your car, allowing you to get back on the road as quickly as possible!

Please note that your excess will also be deducted from this figure.

No Claims Discount (NCD) / Bonus-Malus are ways of acknowledging claim free driving.

(They are factored into your quote, to give you the best possible price.)

Within the UK, we use the No Claims Discount (NCD) system. At the end of each year, you will receive a renewal offer from your current insurer, which will state your current NCD. It normally goes up by 1 every year if you do not make a claim.


Sadly, we can’t collect information for each of our customers individually as other insurance companies can’t share some information with us because of data protection rules.

Please contact your previous insurer yourself if you do not have your proof of NCD, they should be able to assist you!

Regrettably, we cannot accept NCD earned as a named driver on someone else’s policy. We can only accept proof of No Claims Discounts showing your name as the Main policy holder.

The simplest way to prove your No Claims Discount is to upload your renewal invitation from your previous insurer in your Got2Insure Account – providing it meets the criteria shown in the next section. Alternatively, you can ask your previous insurer to send you a proof of the No Claims Discount you have earned.

This is a service they are obliged to provide for you.

What you need to send us

Your proof of No Claims Discount must:

  • show your name as the policyholder
  • show the number of years No Claims Discount you are entitled to
  • be issued by your previous insurer
  • be earned on a private car
  • be less than 24 months old
  • show the expiry date of your previous policy
  • not be currently used to insure another vehicle.

If you have a question about your No Claims Discount, please email us at:

We will increase your No claims discount (NCD) for every claim free period of insurance you have with us.

The following will not reduce your NCD:

  • any payment made under Section D (Windscreen and window damage).
  • any payment made under Section L (Breakdown option).
  • any payment for emergency treatment fees under Section C (Your legal liability to other people)
  • claims where you are not at fault, provided we have got back all that we have paid from those who are responsible.

Please Note: Your premium can be affected by factors other than your NCD. You should note any change in the level of NCD is no guarantee that your premium will not rise.

No, you won’t lose any No Claims Discount if you make a windscreen claim. Plus, you can make more than one windscreen claim and – if they’re your only claims that year – your No Claims Discount will increase when it’s time to renew.

No, your No Claims Discount can only be used on one policy at a time.

For example, if you have more than one vehicle insured with Got2Insure, and you currently have earned 5 years NCD. The NCD will be applied to one of your policies, whilst the other policy will have Zero NCD. NCD cannot be combined from multiple policies.

Validation is one of our checking processes to ensure that all the information provided by the customer is correct and the right level of cover is in place. Sometimes these checks may show some discrepancies which may result in a change in price or the policy terms .

It’s important for us to make sure that the information we hold for you is accurate. If not, any wrong information could invalidate your policy, increase your premium and potentially lead to the refusal to pay out if you make a claim.

We request various of documents to validate some or all of the information you provided to us when taking out the Policy.


If you’re having difficulty in providing any of the documentation, please do let us know – we’d be more than happy to help.

Insurance fraud is a serious crime in the UK. It’s estimated that it costs the industry upwards of £1billion a year.

Some people might unknowingly commit insurance fraud so it’s important to know what the rules are.

Below are the most common types of fraud we may encounter:

Misrepresentation: This can take many forms. It could be anything from misrepresenting your occupation, your risk address, or even your car purchase date, for example. Making a few minor changes to either enable you to buy a policy (when you might otherwise have been refused) or to get a reduced insurance premium. It could result in your policy being declared void & your insurer refusing to pay out in the event of a claim.

Misdeclaration: Before the inception, customers are asked to confirm that the details they have provided are accurate. You would be committing insurance fraud if you didn’t disclose all the information that we need to make an accurate assessment of your risk.  

For example: not declaring previous cancellations, a motoring convictions and penalty point or previous accidents. 

Honesty is the best policy, always let us know if your circumstances have changed. If you move house or change jobs or if there is any other material change, you must let us know. If you are in any doubt, please do contact us and one of the team will be delighted to help. 

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