Motor Legal Protection

Motor Legal Protection Cover

At Got2Insure, we understand the importance of motor legal protection cover and want our customers to be as protected as possible in the event of an accident. When you're weighing up the pros and cons of different insurers, motor legal expenses insurance is something you'll be offered and should consider adding to your car insurance policy.

What does motor legal protection cover give you that standard car insurance doesn't?

In the event of an accident, motor legal protection will cover legal expenses that may need to be paid out. There are many reasons why drivers with motor legal protection insurance policies are glad that they are covered:

  • motor legal expenses insurance would cover the cost of taking another driver to court
  • motor protection cover could pay your legal fees, if another driver takes you to court because they think your driving resulted in an accident
  • motor legal cover could pay out for any medical bills to you or your passengers, due to injury from an accident
  • motor legal protection could recover the cost of possessions that are lost or damaged, due to a car accident
  • it could also compensate for loss of earnings if you are unable to work as a result of injury

Why do you need motor legal protection?

Motor legal protection insurance helps you to recover losses that are not usually included in a standard policy. As mentioned, it covers you in the event that you have any legal expenses after a collision. While there is no legal requirement to have motor legal cover, at Got2Insure we think it is a safe and sensible extra to have.

Choose Us For Motor Legal Protection

If you have any questions about our motor legal expenses insurance, or want to add it to an existing policy, our expert team is on hand to give you advice today. Give us a call now on 0344 854 0689.

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