Personal Accident Cover

Personal Accident Cover Insurance

When getting a quote from a provider, it can be tricky to know which extra policies to include in your car insurance. Personal accident cover is part of a policy that will compensate you or your family for any injuries or death caused by an accident. Although it can be difficult to think of these worst-case scenarios, it is important that you, your partner, or your family, will be covered in the event of any severe injuries resulting from a car accident. Here at Got2Insure, we believe that personal accident cover insurance is an essential consideration for yourself and your family.

How does personal accident cover work?

Personal accident cover insurance is not usually part of a standard car insurance policy. Personal accident cover can be added at an extra cost. Don’t assume it’s been added to your policy automatically and always do your research before choosing a new insurance provider. It is important to note that not everybody in the car will be covered in case of an accident, only those discussed with your insurance when taking out the personal accident cover car insurance.

Making a claim through your personal accident cover insurance

In the unfortunate event that you have to make a claim through your personal accident cover, ensure you have kept all of your evidence safely. For example, you should keep any receipts that you obtain. You should contact your insurer directly for advice on the next steps.

Reliable Personal Accident Cover Car Insurance

Put your safety first today and give us a call on0344 854 0689. We can answer any questions you may have and offer advice and guidance on making changes to your policy to include personal accident cover.

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