Foreign No Claims Bonus

Foreign NCB Insurance

As a leading company specialising in expat car insurance, we are pleased to accept your foreign no claims bonus. Unlike most other insurance companies, we understand that once you return to the UK after living abroad, you will want a car insurance quote that takes into consideration your hard-earned no claims bonus.

Why consider Got2Insure?

With great prices, you no longer have to choose between affordability or keeping your foreign no claims bonus. Here at Got2Insure, we pride ourselves on offering straightforward and simple car insurance, meaning that as long as you have an English translation of your foreign NCB, we’re more than happy to offer you the discount you deserve. If you have recently returned to the UK after living abroad, you may be interested in our expat car insurance.


What do we require?

Your proof of no claims discount must:

  • Show your name as the policyholder
  • Show the number of years No Claims Discount you are entitled to
  • Be issued by your previous insurer
  • Be earned on a private car
  • Be less than 24 months old
  • Show the expiry date of your previous policy
  • Not be currently used to insure another vehicle

Accepting Your Foreign No Claims Bonus

Our experienced team will carefully take into consideration your foreign no claims bonus before providing you with a car insurance quote. Our brokers will require certain information about your no claims bonus and when you will be a full-time UK resident again to ensure we can provide an accurate quotation.


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Saving your money without cutting your cover.

Our comprehensive car insurance cover includes:

  • Accidental damage
  • Uninsured driver cover
  • Replacement keys
  • Mis-fuelling cover
  • Guarantee on repairs