Everything you need to know about Green Cards

Posted on: 2 June 2021 at 4:46 pm
Green Cards

If you’re a Got2Insure customer and need to find out more about travelling in Europe after Brexit, read our guide for all the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Many people are only just starting to find out how their lives will be affected by Brexit. One of these is motoring abroad. UK residents are still welcome to drive their cars and vehicles on the continent even though the UK has left the EU. However, UK drivers now need to use Green Cards according to the new rules for driving abroad.

How do I get a Green Card?

Contact your insurance provider. You must request one by emailing help@got2insure.com. We will require the following answers.

  • Names of drivers: 
  • Start and end date of travel: 
  • Travel destination (including all countries being travel through): 
  • Your current address:
  • Vehicle reg of the car being used:
  • Reason for travel:

This should be requested no later than four weeks prior to departure and could be subject to an administration fee.

You will receive a green card to your email address, and this must be printed and taken with you.

Will my insurance cover be affected by Brexit?

You will need a Green Card to legally drive in Europe, the EEA and several other countries from January 1, 2021, including Albania, Andorra, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Switzerland. 

What exactly is a Green Card?

Despite its name, it’s not actually a card at all. It’s a certificate of insurance that is printed on pale green paper (although this does not have to be the case)

A Green Card is an insurance document that is internationally recognised. It acts as proof you have the required level of insurance cover for personal injury and third party property damage in countries that have signed up to the Green Card system. It doesn’t replace your existing insurance policy. A Green Card is usually valid for 15 days, but if you plan to travel for a more extended period, you can request the dates required. Please note, you can only get 60 days cover per year of insurance.

Will my insurance still cover me to drive in Europe and the other countries listed after Brexit?

Yes, your existing policy won’t change after Brexit, so your level of cover will be the same. However, if you don’t apply for a Green Card, you risk breaking the law. You might be fined, and your vehicle may even be seized. Your policy will still provide the same level of cover when you drive in these countries after Brexit.

Please get in touch if you need to drive in Europe or anywhere else abroad for more than 60 days.

Do I still need a GB sticker?

Yes, you still need a GB sticker to inform officials that your vehicle is from the UK, including one on your trailer if you are towing.

A GB sticker magnetically sticks to your number plate, and it’s essential if you’re planning to drive in Europe.

You may be fined if the authorities catch you driving a car in Europe without the proper identification, despite having a Green Card.

What other vehicle documentation do I need to take with me?

If you’re taking your personal vehicle abroad for under 12 months, you should take your V5C logbook.

If your logbook needs to be updated, ensure you leave enough time to do this before your departure.
For more information about the new rules for Green Cards when driving abroad or for help with any other questions you may have about your car insurance, contact us here.