Car Insurance for Expats Returning to the UK

Returning Expat Car Insurance

Many expats encounter complications with their car insurance when returning home to the UK, after living abroad for a while. Here at Got2Insure, we’re specialists in providing car insurance for expats returning to the UK. Whether you’re coming back from Europe or other countries, we can help. Our team are experts at arranging insurance for expatriates returning to the UK.

Simplifying Car Insurance, After Living Abroad

If you’re a returning expat, car insurance policy changes might seem like a hassle you could do without. We understand that many expats returning to the UK struggle when searching for an insurance provider that accepts a foreign no claims bonus (NCB). Be reassured that we won’t discriminate against your international NCB and can transfer it to your UK policy to enable you to benefit from the discount you rightly deserve.


Car Insurance Advice For Returning Expats

Why do I need an expat motor policy instead of a normal one?

Expat insurance policies are tailored to meet the needs of each individual. Policies will provide cover to suit the unique circumstances of the returning expat.

Can I drive using my UK drivers licence when I return?

Whether or not you can drive using your UK driving licence upon your return will depend on a number of factors, including the length of time you’ve been living abroad. For more information regarding the topic, visit to view the Government’s guidance.


Can I get car insurance with an international driving licence?

It is possible to purchase car insurance in the UK with an international license, however, it may cost more than it would if you held a UK licence.

Is it possible to arrange temporary car insurance after living abroad?

Yes. As a returning expat, you can arrange temporary cover when you first arrive back in the UK. An excellent option for a short period following your immediate arrival, you’ll only pay for the cover you need, and you can choose when you want the policy to start and end down to the minute.


Should I keep my UK-based car insured while I am living abroad?

Yes. We recommend keeping your UK-based car insured while you’re living abroad to cover any potential costs should your car be stolen or damaged. In addition, if you decide to make an unexpected trip home, your car will be ready to drive from the moment your feet hit British soil.

Can I bring my own car to drive in the UK?

If you want to bring your car into the UK as a returning expat, your existing policy should cover you for third-party damage. You may wish to extend this cover to ensure the vehicle is protected should you find yourself in an accident during your time in the UK.


Do I need a UK address to arrange car insurance after living abroad?

Yes. In the UK, insurance providers require policyholders to reside at a permanent UK residential address.

What happens to the No Claims Bonus I’ve earned on motor insurance overseas?

At Got2Insure, we’re pleased to accept your foreign no-claims bonus. Unlike the majority of car insurance providers, we understand that as a returning expat, you’ll want to receive a car insurance policy that considers your hard-earned no-claims bonus. To find out more about returning expat car insurance, please get in touch.


How can I prove my foreign No Claims Bonus?

To provide you with a policy quote that includes your No Claims Bonus, your foreign NCB must:

  • Show you as the named policyholder
  • Show the number of years NCB you have
  • Be issued by your last insurer
  • Be earned on a private car
  • Be less than 2 years old
  • Show the expiry date of your old policy
  • Not be currently used to insure another vehicle.


What does Got2Insure’s expat cover include?

At Got2Insure, we’re pleased to provide effective car insurance for expats returning to the UK. Each of our policies is tailor-made to reflect your driving circumstances. Our comprehensive cover includes accidental damage, uninsured driver cover, replacement keys, misfuelling cover and a guarantee on repairs. We pride ourselves on providing honest, competitive quotes, so you can get back on the road as quickly as possible. To find out more about expat motor insurance, please get in touch.


What else do I need to know as a returning expat looking for car insurance?

To qualify for car insurance in the UK, you will need to provide the car registration number, your address, driving license information and details regarding what you’ll use the car for. Most insurance policies will allow you to fill out an application online and each will have its own procedures in place regarding car insurance after living abroad. All of this information should be featured on their website.


Why Choose Us for your Car Insurance After Living Abroad?

Here at Got2Insure, we are proud to be a 5* defaqto-rated car insurance provider, offering a range of services, including car insurance for expats returning to the UK. We provide our loyal customers with honest, straightforward advice and competitive car insurance cover. Our experienced team works hard to administer your car insurance policy on an individual basis, rather than treating you as a policy number.

Looking for car insurance after living abroad? Please get in touch for friendly expert advice on car insurance for expats returning to the UK.


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Our comprehensive car insurance cover includes:

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  • Guarantee on repairs