Anti-theft car devices and other ways to keep your car secure

Posted on: 26 March 2021 at 2:03 pm
Anti theft car insurance

Depending on your location, an anti-theft car device is vital to stop you from worrying about the safety of your car.   With so many products currently available, it can be hard to choose the right device for your car. To make the task easier, we have researched the possible options. If you are interested in learning how to prevent car theft, please read on.

Different types of anti-car-theft devices

The products you will find in the anti-theft device category can have a wide range of applications and features. Some are pretty basic solutions for disabling your car, while other systems provide more technologically advanced protection. Some devices even permit you to track your vehicle if it is the victim of a theft. Here are the various kinds of anti-car-theft devices and a brief summary of how they work so you can choose the ones you need for your vehicle: 

1. Electronic tracking systems

These systems are activated when the owner reports the car as stolen. The company tracks the car’s movements and alerts the police so that they can capture the thieves and recover the vehicle.

2. Tyre lock

This hangs on the tyre to prevent the car from being moved, and it must be removed before you can drive the car.

Usually used by police services to immobilize vehicles belonging to drivers who have not paid for their parking tickets, an anti-theft device is also used as an anti-theft device. This is because thieves cannot drive the car with such a device in place, which effectively immobilizes the tyre.

3. Steering wheel locks

This device is fitted on the car’s steering wheel to firmly lock it into position. It is impossible to drive the vehicle until it is removed.

A popular version of this type of device is ‘The Club’, which operates by fitting between the rim of the steering wheel. When required, you can extend it by locking the handles securely in place around the steering wheel’s rim. The device’s length restricts the steering wheel from turning a full rotation.

4. Bonnet lock

This lock is designed to prevent criminals from accessing the engine under the bonnet; many thieves are interested in stealing batteries and other valuable car parts.

Bonnet locks are similar to the bonnet pins you may have seen on certain muscle cars. The main variation is that the bonnet locks lock securely into positions and cannot be opened without the special key. While a bonnet (or hood lock for those in the USA) won’t stop a criminal from stealing your car, it can stop them from pilfering internal components.

5. Electronic immobilizers

Many modern cars include an immobilizer on the car key. This is capable of sending a signal to the ignition to prevent the vehicle from starting without the key.

It works by blocking the fuel system so the engine won’t start when the ignition is turned on. Known as Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), this technology utilises an electromagnetic field to track key fobs with an RFID chip assigned to that vehicle. Without the correct RFID chip, the vehicle will not start.

6. Kill switch

A kill switch is designed to instantly immobilize the car’s electrical system. This device is often automatically activated after the car is locked and the owner has to perform a series of routines before it will unlock.

Kill switch devices usually include a wire and a mini-toggle switch, along with installation instructions. The switch is very small, so you can hide it anywhere in the front interior of the car. If a criminal tries to hotwire your car they will not be able to get it started.

A nice feature is the fact that kill switches don’t require an in-depth knowledge of the vehicle to install. The kill switch can be fitted under the seat or dashboard or another hiding place.

7. A traditional car alarm

A car alarm is designed to activate after something has happened to the vehicle, such as someone breaking a window – or nudging against it accidentally in a car park in oversensitive systems. Many alarms are supplied with warning stickers to help deter criminals.

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